The Graces by Laure Eve – Book Review

Everyone said they were witches. – The Graces

You know what Jenn said to me before I bought and read The Graces?

“I don’t really like stuff on witches.”

You know what?

I think I agree with Jenn, because The Graces did not wow me.

I’ve read multiple reviews that called this Twilight with witches. That is not the case.

There is something of a love interest, which drove me nuts for the first three quarters of the book, but nothing ever came of it (thank god).

The characters felt really flat to me. The minor characters were just that: minor. The main character, River, is frustrating and not somebody I could root for. She was constantly groveling for these siblings attention and it totally made me uneasy.

Also, something that really, really bothered me about this book is the homophobic writing that seemed to exist in the story. I’m sure Laure Eve was attempting to create a rift between certain characters by using there sexual orientation as something to build tension off of. However, it felt unaware, uninspired and personally just totally awful.

Describing being gay as disgusting repeatedly by more than a single character just didn’t sit well with me.

It’s a short read, about 330 pages, so if you’re looking for a book to help complete your book goal for the year this is an ok book to do it with.

I will say, the last 30 pages were probably the most interesting pieces to The Graces, though I wasn’t absolutely amazed by them.

By the way, this cover is gorgeous and so is the book 10/10 on cover design.

Overall, I gave The Grace 2/5 stars.

Have you read The Graces? What did you think? Did you feel differently from me?



4 thoughts on “The Graces by Laure Eve – Book Review

  1. I keep picking this book up and putting it down again because I really don’t get the hype. I got it in my Illumicrate box and it seemed like such a great premise (I love novels about witches normally) but within the first few pages I’m starting to feel like it isn’t the sort of thing I’m going to enjoy.

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