Caitlynn’s Introduction

Hey everyone, my name is Caitlynn. Hopefully I will be filling your lives with an endless wealth of knowledge, wit and sarcasm. I’ll be keeping you guys posted on my current readings, to be read lists, reviews, and other random musings.

A little about me: I am 24 years old and currently working in the health care field. While not reading I am a Taylor Swift-loving, crazy cat lady (needless to say, I have plenty of time to read). This is my first bout of blogging, so go easy on me!

I enjoy reading basically all Young Adult, but fantasy, sci-fi and contemporary are my go-to’s. I feel like I am pretty neutral between Eden and Jenn, I am rather easily entertained with books and probably rate higher than what is called for. I don’t like going into full-on analyses and don’t want to think too much when I’m reading!

5 thoughts on “Caitlynn’s Introduction

    1. Sorry. I pressed the send too early 😄😄

      *Every time I read a book that I thought I deserve a 5-star, I’d check Goodreads and I’ll see many reviews of the book with so much analysis and they’d rate it with one star. 😀

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      1. I knew I wasn’t the only one out there! It’s hard because Eden and Jenn are both very analyse-y and see stuff that I don’t (and don’t care to, tbh!). I like it to be like mindless television most of the time!

        Also thank you for checking out the blog! We will be posting more throughout the week! 🙂

        See you soon!


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