Total Cover Lover Challenge – Readathon Wrap-Up

Readathons are some of my favorite ways to get myself back into reading. After a long slump I was very eager to participate in a readathon to get me back into the swing of things. So, when I saw that Paige at @PoptheButterfly was holding a 48 hour readathon I was excited to participate.

Going into this readathon I was not familiar with how Paige ran her readathons as I had not participated in one previously. Now that I have experienced this readathon I feel spoiled. To say that I love the organization of this readathon would be an understatement.

You can tell that Paige is a reader and member of the bookish community first. This readathon was a great way for me to get a ton of pages read. It offered the competition aspect of readathons that really motivate me to read as much as possible. However, this readathon offered so much more than just competition.

With Paige’s readathons she does something I have not seen previously. She splits readers up into teams. These teams compete against the other teams to try to read the most books. Every 6 hours, during the readathon, Paige holds a reading sprint. The amount of time is selected randomly and everyone can choose whether they can participate or not. Some people chose to do the bulk of their reading (like myself) while others read continuously throughout the readathon and used the sprints to speed read.

At the end of each sprint Paige randomly selected a participant in the sprint to win a book and bookish merch. In addition to these reading sprint prizes Paige also offers prizes to individuals that had the highest page count, book count, and a MVP that was a great member of their team. The prizes were great opportunities to be rewarded for reading. However, that wasn’t even a factor in why I liked this readathon so much.

As I mentioned previously this readathon split us up into teams. We were all added to group chats with our team members to communicate, encourage, and cheer on our team members. My team was amazing. It was great to get to meet and talk to some other members of the bookish community and bond over being team members. I loved every member of our team. We meshed well together. We all got along so well that we opted to continue to use the group chat even after the readathon ended. I’ve never had the opportunity to get to know and bond with members of community as much as I have been able to during this readathon.

So, I would highly recommend that anyone that is interested in a readathon join one of Paige’s readathons if you have the opportunity. Beyond the inspiration and competition to read this readathon offered me an even bigger group of friends within this community. 10/10 would recommend.

Jenn (@HitTheBooks)


2 thoughts on “Total Cover Lover Challenge – Readathon Wrap-Up

  1. Never heard of a readathon – what a unique idea! Glad you enjoyed it. I read quite a lot, at my own pace, which seems to be faster than many others I know but not sure how fast compared to the rest of the world! I know sometimes I can’t remember what I’ve read in a book when I’ve read several in a month, let alone doing that in a day. Yesterday at my book club we were laughing as we all read the same book last month but some of us didn’t remember parts others did. That’s the beauty of books, they can entertain us in different ways and feed our imagination in many ways too.


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