Surprise! We’re back…

Yes, you read that right. We’re back.

Thrice Read is officially back and we’re bringing you guys some new content. We know we’ve been gone for a bit and even before we went on our hiatus our posting schedule was a little crazy. You see, our lives got hectic. Between work and just the demands of every day life we just didn’t have time to post.

Since this is something we love, some of the posts that we were producing weren’t to the standard we wanted and so we decided to take a little break. After a few months off we’re ready to get back!

Some things are going to change as our lives are still as busy as previously and we want to continue posting rather than fall back out of it again.

First things first. We have a new schedule!

Previously we were posting at least five days a week, at most seven days. Now we’re going to be posting four days a week on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Tuesday’s will be focused on top 10 posts. This could be the top 10 books we love at the moment, or the top 10 category of the week. Really, it’s up to us. There’s a twist to the way we’re doing it though. Each week the top 10 post will be done by a different member of Thrice Read, but it will be the same topic. So for three weeks we’ll focus on the same top 10 topic, but you’re getting a different perspective from each of us over a period of time.

Friday’s are book chats. This is going to be similar to our old Saturday posts, but we wanted to give ourselves some more freedom to open it up to whatever we’re feeling that week. Maybe we all read a book that we want to discuss or maybe Jenn just wants to rant about the rise in vampire literature. It just depends on the Friday.

Sundays and Thursdays will be open for us to post whatever our heart desires. It can range from book reviews to shelfie tours to Fairy Loot unboxings. We know that some of you prefer posts by specific members of Thrice Read, which is why we’ve set up this schedule so that it’s rotating. What this means is that if Caitlynn posts on Tuesday this week, then me (Eden) or Jenn will be posting on Tuesday next week.

For example the week of June 16 the schedule is as follows:

Tuesday – Caitlynn’s top 10 post

Thursday – Eden’s post of her choice

Friday – Book chat

Sunday – Jenn’s post of her choice

Week of June 23

Tuesday – Jenn’s top 10 post

Thursday – Caitlynn’s post of her choice

Friday – Book chat

Sunday – Eden’s post of her choice

With all of that said, we want to thank you guys for being patient and understanding while we’ve been gone. We’re really excited to get back into posting and debating our love for books with you guys.

If you have anything that you would love to see us do, feel free to email or comment and let us know what you’d like to see. We have some ideas, but we’d love to hear from you guys.

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