The Feminist Book Tag

Just by seeing the name of this tag I knew I had to complete it. This tag focuses on the women in literature, primarily Young Adult fiction for me, and I couldn’t resist highlighting that. I found this on Rachel at Pace, Amore, Libri’s blog.

1- Your favorite female author

Honestly, most of my favorite authors are female. However, my ultimate favorite author is Leigh Bardugo.

2- Your favorite heroine

This is an impossible question. There are so many amazing female characters that immediately come to mind. Inej from Six of Crows was my first though. She is such a badass.

3- A novel with a feminist message

I feel as though there are a lot of books that this would go along with. Any book where the female character is considered equal to the males in the book. I think that A Court of Wings and Ruin thanks to Feyre’s new role in the book.

4- A novel with a girl on the cover


The Girls by Emma Cline. I really enjoyed this book so I thought it would be a great choice.

5- A novel featuring a group of girls

I’m going to change this question just a bit. I’m changing it to a group of women. I really wanted to highlight Blue’s family in the Raven’s Cycle series. I think they were an amazing group of women.

6- A novel with a LGBTQIAP+ female character

You know what’s sad? I can’t think of a book that has a LGBTQIAP+ female character in it off the top of my head. I feel as though literature is trying to diversify. But, there is not a lot of representation of LGBT+ female characters.

7- A novel with different feminine POV

I’m not too sure what this question is asking. However, I took it to mean that there are different POVs in a book. So, I would have to say the Witchlands series.

8- A book where a girl saves the world

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo, because of course, she literally saved the world.

9- A book where you prefer the female sidekick to the male MC

The Percy Jackson series. Let’s be real Annabeth was the best character out of the trio.

10- A book written by a male author and featuring a female character

The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson features one of my favorite female characters, Vin. She is vulnerable, tough, and kickass. I just love her.


What novels that feature a female LGBTQ+ character would you recommend? I would love to read more!

5 thoughts on “The Feminist Book Tag

  1. I recommend checking out Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series for LGBTQ+ characters. The first book, Every Heart A Doorway, has an Asexual character and the second, Down Among The Sticks and Bones, has a lesbian relationship. They’re really good and quick reads too. They’re novellas as opposed to novels which are nice to read sometimes.


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