Books I Never Thought I’d Read Challenge

Good afternoon everyone!

Today marks the first time we’ve completed and posted a reading challenge.

This week I, Eden, had the opportunity to challenge Caitlynn and Jenn. There aren’t really any rules, yet. But this week, I decided I would challenge Caitlynn and Jenn to books they never thought they’d read (or get to reading).

They were expected to read the books and then answer a series of questions about the books.

It’s pretty self explanatory and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did.

Jenn – Fifty Shades of Grey

Question 1: Is this a book you misjudged?

Jenn: I think I got out of it exactly what I thought the book would be. It did not change my mind as to what I expected. I did enjoy reading it and annotating it more than I thought I would.

Did you enjoy reading it for good reasons or bad reasons?

Purely bad reasons.

Can you explain that?

I think what was nice about this book in particular is that I had very low expectations, so anytime I could find any enjoyment whether that was through the actual story, which… didn’t happen or if it was because I thought parts of it were funny or the writing style was more humorous than it was intended to be, made it an entertaining read.

Question 2: What would be something that would draw people to this book? 

Jenn: Sex. Or for people who don’t read regularly, if you don’t normally read and you just want something that you can just fly through, I think adult women could just pick this up and develop into more regular readers from this book.

Question 3: What was the biggest deterrent?

Jenn: The writing. I don’t think it was well written at all. There are parts that are blatantly obvious that she got stuck in a world that she was writing a fan fiction for and that she hadn’t created it herself. It’s unfortunate because there are a lot of great fan fictions that take a world and develop it into their own writing. I don’t think that E.L. James was successful in that and there were just a lot of things that just didn’t make sense and there was no development. We were at the same place at the beginning as we were at the end.

Question 4: Favorite moment and why?

Jenn: One moment that sticks out particularly in my mind is when his mom shows up and they’re having sex and he “blinks rapidly” and goes, “Oh no! My mom!” because I continued to imagine him in that SNL skit with Keenan Thompson where he’s the Jefferson acting coach.

Question 5: Top three cringiest moments:

Jenn: The cringiest parts were the parts where E.L. James seemed to be out of touch with the culture or the age group, so:

  1. Ana’s first outfit that she says look smart.
    1. It was tall brown boots and everything else was some varrying shade of blue. Oh and she makes sure to tell us that her hair is a mess.
  2. When she makes Ana very smart at some moments, but really dumb at others.
    1. He says to Ana, “We’re going to my playroom,” and she has her respond with, “Oh we’re going to go play Xbox!”
  3. How he never referred to her period as her period but he continued to refer to it as bleeding! The first time he said it I was like, “What happened?! Why is she bleeding?!”

Question 6: Will you read the next book?

Jenn: Probably.

Question 7: What would you rate this book?

Jenn: Three, I just had so much fun!

Caitlynn – Vampire Academy

Question 1: Would you have read this book earlier?

Caitlynn: Yeah, I think so. Reading it now I can definitely see it appealing to my younger self. The characters aren’t super complex and there was a lot of drama, but as older me I was hoping for more action.

Question 2: What do you think is the biggest draw?

Caitlynn: General public or me?

General public, I think people are still obsessed a bit with vampires so they’d be more interested in these for that reason alone.

For me, the relationships.

Question 3: What do you think is the biggest deterrent?

Caitlynn: General public, vampires. At least that’s how it is for me. Sometimes I’m excited for a vampire book and sometimes I just don’t want to read anything else about vampires.

Me, age.  I feel like it’s a little young.

Question 4: Favorite moment and why?

Caitlynn: Probably when her and Dmitri hooked up. A. Because of the circumstances and B. because I just wanted them to hook up.

What were the circumstances again?

There was a compulsion spell on the necklace she was wearing. When I was reading it I thought I’d missed a whole page. I was freaking out and then when I realized what had happened I just really liked it. It was a really cool mindfuck.

Question 5: Has this redeemed Richelle Mead?

Caitlynn: Definitely. This definitely shows her range. This book was much better done than The Glittering Court. It definitely helped me not dislike her writing so much.

Question 6: Will you read the next one?

Caitlynn: Yeah probably.

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