Top Five Friday

Ahhhh, it’s Friday and with that comes a Top Five Friday post.

This week I thought I would talk about my top five book pet peeves. This was actually rather challenging to come up with but it was helpful in better understanding what I like and dislike in novels.

Now, to the good stuff:

5. The “hero” trope: By the hero trope I mean characters that are completely impossible to defeat. The invincible heroine is something that I truly dislike. Though I will need to make a note that any and all of Sarah J. Maas’s heroine’s don’t bother me even though many of them fall into this very category. There’s something about someone not having any weaknesses that just gets boring. It’s like reading about the perfect person who never messes up. Mistakes make characters, less invincibility and more relatability please.

4. That story where everything happens: We all know this story because we’ve all read it. It starts like an oridinary novel about an unpopular girl going to school and it turns into the unpopular girl witnessing a murder and falling in love but then having to run from the police because she’s suspect No. 1 in that murder she witnessed. Oh, but that’s not all, she’s also developed magical powers and is the heiress of a powerful empire in another realm. Also, aliens are somehow related to the entire story, but you never actually figure out how they are related.

3. Making your world too small: I talk about this so much that it should probably be number 1, but honestly, I think authors do this and don’t really realize they’re doing it much of the time. I get the idea of fate leading your characters, but no. A wonderful example of this is the Lunar Chronicles. If you haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles then don’t read any further because I’m about to spoil some stuff. But Cress just so happens to find her father who just so happens to be the doctor that helped Cinder escape. Ya’ll, that’s ridiculous and annoying.

2. Incredible potential poorly executed: By incredible potential I mean that you have a plot that looks and sounds amazing, but when you read it you’re just totally underwhelmed. I don’t run into this that often, but I see it more than I’d like.

1. The pregnancy plot: Ugh. The pregnancy plot is the laziest of ALL plot devices. Anytime I’m reading a book and this happens I immediately decide I hate the book. I mean, the book could be perfectly good, but the minute you throw the, “I’m pregnant” into that dialogue is the minute I’m out. Once a character is pregnant they change and it’s never for the better.


One thought on “Top Five Friday

  1. I don’t find number 3 that annoying because coincidences like those actually happen a lot to me in real life. So I accept them as realistic. Some can be pretty hard to believe, I admit, but they’re still quite conceivable in my opinion.

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