The Bedtime Book Tag

I found this tag through Scribbles & Wanderlust, but it was created by YouTube user Kelly’s BookSpill

The Wrath and The Dawn. I started it at 9 p.m. and finished it at 4 a.m. Needless to say I was exhausted for work and going through the most disgusting book hangover. But God it was so worth the exhaustion.

The most recent would be The Raven Boys. That first novel in the cycle is so crazy and I was reading it late at night, in my apartment in Virginia by myself while it was storming. I felt like I was going to wake up and find that I was being haunted.

Hm. Probably The Marked Girl. I was so incredibly underwhelmed by the book and I could just feel my mind wandering when I would read it.

Currently tossing and turning over The Last of August by Britany Cavallaro. Also, I need the next Court of Thorns and Roses book now.

Dream boyfriend? Probably Kell from A Darker Shade of Magic. My love for him knows no bounds.

I’m going to go with And I Darken for this. Lada is a badass female character in the book but I don’t necessarily think I would be able to carve a place for myself in an empire as cruel and as male-centric as she is able to. Not to mention the number of people that are impaled in that book would be incredibly disturbing.

A Court of Mist and Fury had the ultimate cliffhanger. I don’t know that I would call it nightmarish, but it has definitely left me antsy and frustrated.

The beautiful cover that is Six of Crows is all night time in my head. Also, those beautiful dyed black pages are everything.

Harry Potter. Those books have been in my life for so long it would be impossible to not have dreamt about them at this point. Honestly though, they’re the worst dreams because I always wake up wondering why I’m not a witch.

The mistwraith from Mistborn. Those sound absolutely terrifying and also I little on the gross side.


What would your answers be? Do you agree with me on any? Also, I tag anyone that’s interested in doing this tag.


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