The Desert Island Book Tag

I found this wonderfully, fun book tag over at A Bibliophile’s Obsession (check her out here, you won’t regret it)! I plan on reading Empire of Storms this week and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit in another book to review this week, so I decided to play it safe and do a book tag and review some previous happenings in the Throne of Glass world to catch me up. Happy reading everyone!

1. Water: a book you simply cannot live without


You guys should really know this by now… A Court of Mist and Fury. Seriously guys… how can you not love this book and SJM and all things Feyre and Rhysand and the Dream Court, ugh.

2. Food: a book that is a close second on your favorites list


Gosh, there are so many books right now that I just truly love and would hate to not have. I think with Crooked Kingdom coming out soon, I’m going to say Six of Crows. It’s just such a great book!

3. Shelter: a book that makes you feel at home and safe

Harry Potter is definitely my number one at home book. It’s a classic for me and I wouldn’t even know how my life would have been shaped without growing up with them.

4. Flare gun: a book that you would recommend to a person who doesn’t read

Let’s begin with, I usually hate recommending books to people who say they don’t read! I hate when I recommend something to someone and they hate it! This is a really hard question because there are so many factors that I consider before I recommend a book to someone… My first thought was the Percy Jackson series because it’s just such a fun read and it’s awesome to learn the actual Greek and Roman Gods in this way.

5. Fire-matches: book that warms your heart

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was a really heart-warming read for me! It was just such an adorable book and I cannot wait for the third book to come out!

6. Compass: book that directed you towards your love for reading

My Side of the Mountain was my favorite book in middle school and I’m pretty sure it was my first ever re-read! I think I’m going to re-read it again soon!

7. Map — A book with an amazing map inside.

Ok… so to be fair I just spent the better part of 20 minutes looking through some of my favorite books to look at their maps… and let me tell you what I found out…

They are basically all the same! I mean, I guess it must be just me, but I hardly pay attention to a map in a book until a part of it is mentioned in the book then maybe, occasionally I’ll flip back to the front of the book and check out the map and then move on… At least through the books I just picked up to look through I didn’t see a “beautiful” map in a one of them! Please readers, leave a comment and let me know what your favorite map is so I can sneak a peek and see if I’m just totally missing something!

8. Companion — A Book Character That You Would Want To Be Stuck On A Desert Island With

I mean… I would totally say Rhys and the rest of the Dream Court or all the guys from Six of Crows. Those two groups of friends are seriously the best that I have read about in a while!


4 thoughts on “The Desert Island Book Tag

    1. I almost pulled Nevernight off of my shelf to look at it when I was doing these questions! I figured I would only check out books I’ve read so far, so maybe that’s my problem! Haha, thanks for the heads up!

      – Caitlynn

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