The Monday Musts

Alright! Here is a list of my must read, must hear, and must see of the past week! I found the Monday Musts tag scrolling through the reader and decided there was definitely more than enough going on with SDCC going on!

Must Read

My must read of the week is And I Darken by Kiersten White, I just finished this book and man was it good! I love the fact that the YA realms have started to branch out to historical fiction!


Must Hear

Alright, so as everyone knows all of us here at Thrice Read love us some Sarah J. Maas! With us doing our Saturday discussion on A Court of Thorns and Roses (see it here), I figured what better way to start the week than checking out the playlist she created while writing the books!

Must See

With season 7 being pushed back even further, the Game of Thrones creators gave us something to enjoy in the meantime. The blooper real of season 6! No worries, it’s spoiler-free!

What are your week’s musts? It’s been a pretty eventful week all-in-all!

9 thoughts on “The Monday Musts

      1. It’s not only the tv series, but also the books! Haha. They take ages to get done, which is why I’m still waiting for GRRM to finish the books before I start book 2.

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